Behind the Glass: the Show for One

Время публикации: 12.05.2012 01:59 | Последнее обновление: 12.05.2012 02:02

Six minutes and thirteen seconds remain before the start of the first game of the World Championship match.

A lone photographer appeared on the stage: Aleksey Yushenkov, one of the two official photographers of the match. All the others (and there are tens of those) were crowded behind the glass. That's how it was today and that's how, seemingly, it will be going forward.

Either because of that or because of something else, Gelfand's chair didn't show a particular will to play.

The Candidate appeared first.

The glass is transparent: everything and everyone can be seen from the stage; so Boris greets the familiar faces by nodding.

The Champion arrived to the stage just before the start of the game.

Only one person is allowed to photograph the main characters from every angle.

Anand showed to Ilyumzhinov which pawn to push two squares forward and the FIDE President started the game.

"All is well, Kirsan Nikolayevich, everything is working."

Now everything has definitely become clear: there are fewer seats in the press centre than those willing to take them. We'll see if this problem will be solved or if reserving a place at the table an hour before the start of the game will become a tradition.

Not a bad piece of glass, is it?

There are many familiar faces in the press centre. And everyone has something to talk about: the game was interesting even if relatively short.

Karjakin gave an improvised press conference.

And then the "dad" came and took Sergey. The current head coach of the Russian team Yury Dokhoian is with the past head coach Boris Postovsky.

Fans can follow the game not just in the spectators' hall, but even outside it.

So, who won in the first game?...


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