More Than 70% of Chess-News Visitors Think That Anand Will Remain the World Champion

Время публикации: 11.05.2012 13:33 | Последнее обновление: 11.05.2012 13:45

We are summarising the poll results, which was held during the past few days on our site. The readers were asked the question, "How will the match Anand - Gelfand end?" And this is how the votes have split:

Anand will win without the tie-break - 65.44%
Gelfand will win without the tie-break - 19.49%
Anand will win during the tie-break - 8.64%
Gelfand will win during the tie-break - 6.43%

The vast majority of voters think that Anand will win as a result of classical games. If we add to these votes the ones cast for "Anand will win during the tie-break", then they come to 74% of all voters, who think that Anand will keep the title one way or another.

The first game starts at 15.00 Moscow time today. Anand is White.


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