The Appearance of 'Them' Before the People

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The Tretyakov Gallery became the venue of chess battles              

It's probably a long time since the last chess event gathered as many journalists, as the State Tretyakov Gallery has seated today. After twelve years the Russian capital hosts the World Championship match.  

This is only a small part of the accredited representatives of mass media, whose questions have been answered for nearly an hour by the heroes of the occasion VIswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand, as well as by Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, Arkady Dvorkovich, Andrei Filatov and Irina Lebedeva, the Director of the Tretyakov Gallery. 90% of questions were addressed to the Grandmasters. 

Announcement of the composition of the teams, surely can be considered as the main news of the event; however, there aren't any surprises: Peter Heine Nielsen, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Surya Gangula, Rustam Kasimdzanov are helping the reigning champion; the challenger uses the help of Alexander Khuzman, Maxim Rodstein and Pavel Eljanov. 

We've already informed you about the draw. The visitors of the event also had a chance to enjoy Denis Matsuev's small concert. 

Soon on our website: Elena Klimets's report, she witnessed the press conference and the opening ceremony of the event. Meanwhile, we offer you the tweets from our LIVE Тwitter - broadcast which was conducted by Evgeny Surov from the press center. 


The Tretyakov Gallery. Filatov, Lebedev, Short, Bareev, Rublevsky and journalists are here.

Nothing has started yet, but some of the journalists have almost eaten up the plates with the patties. The press center has been filled a long time ago 

Levitov shows Dvorkovich and Filatov the "possessions" 

Makropoulos proudly walks hither and thither, he doesn't greet

Everyone is here, the press conference starts

Poor audibility, the microphones are not working 

Anand and Gelfand have been introduced; a ripple of applause. Ilyumzhinov and Dvorkovich were awarded with more clapping. 

Filatov presented someone two sculptures; one of them is Alexander II 

"I see nothing, I hear nothing" - that's about the press conference which is now held in the Tretyakov Gallery

Filatov presented the Tretyakov Gallery the chess made of tusk. Glukhovsky and Balgabaev took it somewhere

Anand: "I didn't do anything extraordinary during the preparation. It doesn't differ from other matches anyhow"

Anand: "My idol is Tal." Gelfand: "I can't name only one"

Anand: "I was making fun of Gelfand before Kazan regarding to his age, perhaps now he wants to get revenge on me" 

Another question to Anand: "How can one become the World Champion?" 80% of all gathered journalists are interested in this

Gelfand: "I surely won't eat fried eggs during the match". Anand: "I try to minimize all the superstitions"

Gelfand: "Just before the press conference I had a small excursion in the Gallery. I'll try to walk here again"

Committee of the veterans of the RCF ("following the tradition") presented Gelfand as a challenger a tie. They demand him to wear in at the closing ceremony in the case of victory... 

Not all of the accredited journalists were allowed to enter the event."The hall isn't big enough to seat everyone"

The opening ceremony starts. Vladimir Solovjov leads the event. He greets Mikhail Gorbachev

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov quoted Botvinnik (he says so) for the second time: "Chess is a combination of science, sport and culture" 

Ilyumzhinov declared the match opened. 

Anand is on the stage, he says welcoming words.

Both of the national anthems - the Indian and Israeli, are in a minor key. 

Mikhail Sergeyevich looks queer - he hardly stands.

Anand took out a brush with the white paint colour and painted on the board. After a long pause Solovjov understood that Anand will play White tomorrow 

A brilliant pianist Denis Matsuev takes his seat at the piano

Bach listens to Rakhmaninov. Alexadner Grigorievich Bach is in auditorium. 

Evgeny Tomashevsky is in the auditorium. Matsuev "kills Grieg". The concert quintessence 

"Matsuev playes better than Gelfand and Anand put together" - was decided by us in the press center


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