I Could Live Here

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Novocherkassk. The chemistry faculty building of the South-Russian State Technical University (SRSTU).




I. Vladimir Mayakovsky will present: Pop or a master?

Topics: What is Moscow talking about? Natural disasters. What's HOT in poetry. What to read? Yeseninism and pubs. How to learn writing poems in five lessons? Is it possible to forget a rhyme while on a tram? Lionesses with manes and a march with quotation marks. What do the literary youth need to know? How to draw a woman who hides her age? Poets, dentists and cult worshipers.  From "yellow cardigan" to red Lef.

II. Poems to be read: A conversation between a poet and a tax inspector. Syphilis. To Sergei Yesenin. About hairdressers. Krasnodar (Dogs). A letter to Maxim Gorky. Hooliganism. Yalta and the sea. A four kilo fist. Lev Tolstoy and Vanya Dyldin. Criticism. Tenth. If not everywhere, then in all places. Strictly forbidden.

III. Answers to notes.


I. Organisers, artists and Malakhov will do the opening presentation. Topics: What is Rostov region talking about? Which game to play? Grandmasters and lazy people. How to learn to play chess over five stages of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix? Is it possible to forget a variation while on a tram? What do the chess youth need to know? How to play against a woman hiding her age? From tabloids to Chess-News.

II. 11-round rapidplay Swiss to be played on 8-9 May 

III. Autographs for the fans.

A press-conference was held not long before the opening ceremony. The two main organisers of the tournament are at the centre of attention: the President of the Rostov Region Chess Federation Sergey Nesterov and the rector of the SRSTU Vladimir Perederiy.

Sergey Nesterov is the first Russian chess bureaucrat in history that not only noticed the site Chess-News, but invited us to the tournaments, which he organises. "What's the point of organising a tournament if no one hears about it?", Nesterov says in surprise. This simple truth is still too difficult to understand for some chess organisers.

The President of the Rostov Region Chess Federation has called the stage of the Rapid Grand Prix in Novocherkassk an important event for the Don land. "The important thing is that many children will participate; they will enjoy playing against grandmasters and guests of the tournament. When children see these kinds of conditions, comfort and beauty, they want to keep coming back here again and study chess. That's very important, because our main aim is to make chess popular among schoolchildren, students and youths".

The chief arbiter of the tournament Mikhail Krjukov is intently listening to the officials, but look at his neighbour on the left...

The rating-favourite Vladimir Malakhov didn't leave the tournament conditions unmentioned.

At the opening, apart from those mentioned above, there are representatives from the Ministries of Sport and Education of Rostov region.

These young people are singing an unremarkable, at a first glance, song with the words "I love you NPI" (NPI - Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute, the original name of university). But if you carefully listen to the words or, better, read them on a piece of paper, it turns out that not every higher education establishment can boast about such a poem. It was written by one of the graduates in the sixties. I've never heard anything like that in a student world.

The Covered Courtyard is mentioned in the song. It's the same place where Mayakovsky read his presentation "Pop or a master" and where the Don Rapid 2012 (a stage of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix) was held.

The ceiling is 30 metres high.

Samuel Zhukhovitsky is a legendary chess player and an international master, who played against many World Champions; he's a veteran of the Great Patriotic War (a period of the Second World War in Russia) and lives in Novocherkassk. Samuel Markovich is 95 years old.

"Mayakovsky, why do you write your poems in staircases?"
"Other poets don't write in staircases, but I do. I descend down on them, towards the masses!"

"Mayakovsky, my wife and I don't understand you."
"You need a clever wife!"

"Mayakovsky, what do you think about the poet Yesenin?"
"I've already said in my poems that he is 'a sonorous debauchee'."

"Why are you not yet fully understood, unlike Pushkin?"
"Pushkin has been studied for 100 years; even then, not everyone understands him. For example, they don't understand his aeoluses, venuses, sicilies, cupids, madonnas... It's even boring to listen to, because they are not just boring gods, but two levels lower on the boring scale. If you ignore this, then in other poems Pushkin sometimes is a genius. They are studying me for five years and want to understand it all!"

"Mayakovsky, tell us, who is greater: a classical or a Soviet writer?"
"Our descendants, people from the year 2000, will answer this. They will be culturally above us and above the classical writers, because they will master the skills of the classical and the Soviet writers."

"Mayakovsky! Do you really think that we are all idiots?"
"Why all? I can see one in front of me at the moment."

There is additional work before each game, sometimes rather difficult work: to find own name and a table number in the pairings.

Is it easy for Vadim Zvjaginsev to play?

Yuri Balashov

The future winner: Dmitry Andreikin. But he doesn't know about it yet.

Alexander Galkin is trying to win in a drawn rook endgame against a woman. But the clock is not helping. Krjukov has been called for help.

This is in front of the entrance to the office of the SRSTU rector Vladimir Perederiy.

"We often have large scale events here", says rector, "but it's first time for chess. I think that the university with such a rich history has deserved such an event. 105 years ago, on 17 January 1907, the Emperor Nicholas II signed a decree on establishing the Don Polytechnic Institute. Since then we've had 103-rd enrolment of students (there was no enrolment in 1942 and 1943). The university has substantial sporting traditions. The university's football team was the champion of the Soviet Union within the "Burevestnik" (Petrel) youth society. One of our graduates is the famous weightlifter Vasily Alekseyev. Last year we established the separate institute of physical education and sport. Now we are more serious about creating a chess club."

"Do you play chess yourself?"

"Yes, I do. Not at a high level, of course. Often? No, it's not possible to play often: work takes a lot of time. But it happens on weekends."

"How was the idea born about holding such a large scale chess tournament at the SRSTU?"

"We received a suggestion from the Rostov Region Chess Federation. We were very interested that there would be many children among the participants, because they are our future students. They would want to enrol after seeing our university and its attitude to sport and chess in particular. Today's tournament is an honour for the university. Now I will take development of chess under control, not because I'm interested in it myself, but because I can see the eyes of the participants and the excitement from what's happening. I will suggest to make these tournaments a yearly tradition and to hold them precisely here, in the Covered Courtyard, where Mayakovsky performed and where our great countryman Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov met with students... Have you read the poem A Blue Trouser Stripe? Mayakovsky wrote it about the students of Novocherkassk. He wrote it overnight and read it here for the first time."

"You will find this poem on the Internet", the professor continues.

"It's interesting that you are suggesting to use the Internet, rather than open a book. Do you use the web much?"

"The thing is, the Internet cuts down the search time for required information several times over. A book is a different matter. It discloses the truth. But when we need to find this or that fact, of course, we use the Internet."

"Do you follow chess news on the Internet?"

"Possibly, I would be interested in that after today."

On the photo, Vladimir Perederiy demonstrates the surprising territory of his university, not typical at all for Russian universities, but a lot more common in the West. Still, the hand stops where Mayakovsky's feet walked.

Did the poet catch this tram on the way to the SRSTU?

Who knows, maybe Vladimir Vladimirovich sat on the same seat where one of the current passengers is sitting.

However, if you turn your head around 90 degrees, the surrounding view is quite modern.

There is a football field in the centre of the SRSTU territory. Track lanes are around it, where you can do all sorts of sports. A tennis court, a huge swimming pool (covered, of course), a gym and an athletics hall are also nearby...

The main building from the other side.

Not so long ago, here (exactly here) was the shooting of the new film series One Time in Rostov, produced by the famous actor Sergey Zhigunov. As someone indifferent to works that have the word "series" in them, I can't say anything about the final product. But now I should probably watch it, to recognise the familiar places, at least.

How lucky the SRSTU students are: they have this park on their territory.

A mini football field that is never empty, even on weekends.

Meanwhile, in the Covered Courtyard...


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