A List of the Players and the Pairings Have Been Published for the Super Tournament in Dortmund in July. In the First Round Kramnik Will Play Against Karjakin

Время публикации: 27.04.2012 14:06 | Последнее обновление: 27.04.2012 17:28

The following grandmasters will play in the 40th anniversary edition of the tournament in Dortmund scheduled for 13-22 July this year: Vladimir Kramnik (Russia), Fabiano Caruana (Italy), Sergey Karjakin (Russia), Ruslan Ponomariov (Ukraine), Peter Leko (Hungary), Arkadij Naiditsch (Germany), the winner of the Aeroflot Open Mateusz Bartel (Poland), Daniel Fridman, Georg Meier and Jan Gustafsson (all from Germany).

According to a report from the Chessvibes site, the number of participants is extended to ten due to cooperation with the German Chess Federation (there was a double round-robin tournament with six participants last year); therefore, it was possible to include the German team members, who won the European Team Championship last year.

The pairings were also published after the full draw for the tournament was done yesterday. Kramnik will play Black against Karjakin in the first round.

Kramnik won the Dortmund Tournament in 2011 for the tenth time in his career. Among the contenders for this year's title, the tournament was also won in the past by Leko (three times), Naiditsch and Ponomariov.

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