Nikolai Pushkov Has Described How Korchnoi "Resigned by Knocking His King Down With a Flick" Against Vasiukov

Время публикации: 25.04.2012 18:00 | Последнее обновление: 25.04.2012 18:35

One of the participants of the Russian Seniors team, the grandmaster Nikolai Pushkov, has described an incident, which happened during the recent European Senior Team Championship, in an interview to Dmitry Kryakvin for the Russian Chess Federation web site. The Russian team came first, winning against the Swiss team along the way. The outcome of the match was decided due to a win by Evgeni Vasiukov against Victor Korchnoi.

"Evgeni Andreyevich won with Black against Korchnoi in the Dutch Defence", tells Pushkov, "and after that Victor Lvovich did not congratulate his opponent, but resigned by knocking his king down with a flick. It's amusing that at that point I was a piece down for two pawns. And then there was a thunderous exclamation from Korchnoi, 'Mister Pushkov, it's shameful to play on in this kind of position!', though I wasn't playing, but sat there thinking. The leader of the Swiss team promised to inform the wider public about this incident where I am not resigning a piece down, while, of course, forgetting that he's just sent his king out with a flick. All this can be remembered only for a laugh. Nevertheless, it's nice that Korchnoi marked me out."

According to Pushkov, the Russian Seniors team should be strengthened by Anatoly Karpov in the near future.


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    Faibisovich 1-0 Vasyukov
    Balashov 1/2 Mishuchkov
    Karasev 1/2 Zhelnin
    Pushkov 1/2 Monin

  • Viktor Korchnoi will not be able to participate in the Olympiad which will start in ten days and will not reinforce his team of Switzerland. The chess legend had to give up his trip to Turkey because of his poor health. So the leader of the team Yannik Pelletier will thus be accompanied by Joseph J. Gallagher, Oliver Kurmann, Richard Forster and Werner Hug.

  • Our conversation with the legendary grandmaster happened in Zurich not long before the start of the sixth and deciding game of the friendly match Kramnik – Aronian.

    E.SUROV: Victor Lvovich, how did it happen that you settled in Switzerland? Initially, you asked for political asylum in Holland.

  • European Senior Championship has finished in Kaunas. Valentin Bogdanov was a leader before the last round. Half a point behind were eight other players, including Pushkov. Today Bogdanov lost to Mochalov and Pushkov has defeated Mishuchkov, thus winning the tournament.

    One of the decisive games was a victory against Yuri Balashov in round six

  • The Russian-language R-Sport website quotes Anatoly Karpov:

    "We should give respect where respect is due. Korchnoi was a chess phenomenon. His style was inimitable. He had an absolutely unique approach to chess. He was a workaholic and a special talent, a very top level chess player. It is very sad for chess that one of the last players from that era has left us.

  • This morning Victor Korchnoi, who lives in Switzerland and represents that country in competitions, has arrived to the Kramnik - Aronian match in Zurich for the remaining two days. As always, he is not alone but with his wife Petra Leeuwerik. The legendary grandmaster has just played two rapid games with the sponsor of the match Oleg Skvortsov and then hasn't declined to play blitz, although that wasn't planned. All the games ended in favour of the veteran player.

  • Marina Romanko, the winner in B-Group of the recent Moscow Open, gave an interview to our website.

    “I believed I could win, because firstly I had the best tie-break [she has won 7 games in a row – CN]. Secondly, while playing the last round game against Bodnaruk [she has lost it – CN] I was casting a glance at the encounter played next to me. I saw that Khlichkova was aiming to win, so I didn’t think Black could do there anything.

  • Andrey Filatov has decided personally to head up the Russian mens' team from January next year, according to the RCF site. "Our task at the 2016 Olympiad in Baku is, at the minimum to win a medal", the federation president declared. 

  • E.SUROV: This isn't a typical interview you are used to read on our website. It has nothing in common with the dialog that Viktor Korchnoi and I have had here in Zurich 3 years ago. Back then, one could easily speak to Viktor Lvovich face to face, while this interview would have been impossible without assistance: the renowned Grandmaster has difficulty with his speech.

  • As Chess-News has found out Evgeny Sveshnikov was helping Viktorija Ni (the member of the US team) at the recent Women's World Team Championship which took place in Astana, Kazakhstan. Let us remind you exactly Ni has defeated Olga Girya in the match against Russia, therefore, bringing overall victory to the US team.

    "I have contributed to that," GM Sveshnikov said at the European Senior Championship which is currently underway in Plovdiv.