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Zurich is the biggest Swiss city according to the number of people living there. That's quite easy to guess without opening any reference books: it's enough to stroll along local streets on a Saturday. 

There are people everywhere... There are so many people in this small, seemingly tiny, city with a comforting, calm atmosphere and clean streets.

People have also gathered in the Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville. They have gathered to watch the first game of the friendly (I stress "friendly!") match Kramnik - Aronian.

There are people in a neighbouring room as well. They can follow developments on the board by listening to commentators, one of whom is the well-known Swiss grandmaster Yannick Pelletier.

The commentators are too optimistic about Kramnik's position. In reality, the white pawn did not get to e5 and the ex-champion could only dream of an advantage after the opening.

Modern people follow the game using modern gadgets.

By the way, the whole spectacle is more than democratic. Have a look:

Kramnik runs into the playing hall after he left it. There are spectators, who couldn't get seats, s
tanding next to the same and only entrance. The grandmaster calmly walks passed them and no one bothers anyone. And this happens 50 times in a game. Ok, maybe 25 times...

Moreover, I haven't seen a single security guard, nowhere at all. Can you imagine this happening in Russia?

Anatoly Karpov doesn't say "nothing" when asked what he regrets the most. He answers, "I regret that I agreed to play the match against Kasparov in the Soviet Union". Of course, the likelihood of a similar answer from Gelfand or Anand is very small, but it would be interesting to observe the difference between the match atmospheres in Zurich and Moscow.

Kramnik has stopped his clock several seconds ago. The grandmasters remain in their seats and begin to analyse, while the spectators are watching this with enjoyment.

Results of the analysis are on Kramnik's face.

And then there was the press conference attended by whoever wanted to attend, including ordinary spectators. They didn't bother anyone and behaved themselves gracefully and quietly. It was Kramnik who spoke most of the time, while Aronian calmly listened, with a meaningful smile on his face, and didn't show a particular willingness to enter into disputes about various positions. He's done his work for the first day of the match. The rest are details.

By the way, Vladimir Kramnik gave an exclusive interview in Russian for our site although he, understandably, wasn't in the best spirits. I don't know what's written or not written in the players' contracts, but it seems that you need something else than a signature on a piece of paper for the chess players, especially the ones who lost, to interact with the audience...


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