2800 Match

Время публикации: 20.04.2012 22:51 | Последнее обновление: 21.04.2012 11:40

Kramnik - Aronian match under way in Zurich 

The opening ceremony of Kramnik - Aronian match has finished several minutes ago in the Hotel Savoy Bauer en ville. As the President of the Zurich Chess Club Mr. Christian Issler has noted the history of chess has never seen the match between the players whose ELO is 2800+ before, and in general - this sort of a friendly match at this level. 

Kramnik has White in the first game of the match. This was determined by his daughter Darya who extracted a box with white chocolate during the draw. The match will have extensive coverage on Chess-News. The photo spread from the event coming soon. 

Wrongly sat. In the background: Christian Issler and the general sponsor of the match Oleg Skvortsov (on the left). 


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