The President at His Best

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An experimental online-commentary session has been done on our webpage in Twitter 

The 6th round of the European Individual Championship that takes place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria is over. The situation before the rest day is completely unclear: there are ten leaders with 5 points and 24 participants who lose them only half a point. 

Our website made an experimental online-broadcast of the commentaries in Twitter. Grandmaster Mikhail Golubev has been commenting games from the start of the round till its last minutes. 

Particularly, our expert couldn't avoid another combination by Emil Sutovsky.   



"In the battle of the former European champions Kozul missed 28.Rxf6!!" (after 28...Bxf6 29.Nc5 Croatian player played  29...Bh4, which of course couldn't save the game. It's noteworthy that Sutovsky's strike resulted Black making two mistakes in a row).  

This wasn't the first time the President of ACP made moves that deserve two exclamation marks. Yesterday Sergey Grigoriants was his victim.

Here are some of the games of the day that were commented on our Twitter page. 


"Magnificent blunder. 34...Bd3?? 35.Bxa4! (with the idea of 36.Be8 checkmate), Black resigned. 1-0"


"After 66.Kf3? (66.g3!) 66...c2 67.Rc1 mistake 67...Kd3? missed victory (67...Kc3! 68.g4 Rd4!)"

In total there were made 60 twits during the 6th round;and they give a quite comprehensive picture of the round in general (we translated for you only some of them):

"The 6th round of the European Championship is over and our experimental twitter-commentary broadcast is also over, everything else is on . #chess

Melkumyan-Аndreikin: after 66.Kf3? (66.g3!=) 66...c2 67.Rc1 mistake 67...Kd3? missed vicotry (67...Kc3! 68.g4 Rd4!)

After 6th round there are 10 leaders: Jones, Fressinet, Kuzubov, Khismatullin, Naiditsch, Inarkiev, Matlakov, Vachier-Lagrave, Korobov, Azarov. Tomorrow is a rest day.  

Riazantsev tortured Esen, now Russian has 4.5/6 and losses the leaders half a point.  

Sjugirov - Аzarov 0-1. Salvation without a pawn didn't happen. (From the games that weren't mentioned: Lysyj - Kuljasevic, frankly speaking, that was a boring draw.)

Caruana - Mamedov R. 1-0. After 65...Rc5?! White quickly reached success. LAter Mamedov should have not move to the rook endgame! 

Brave jugador Vallejo didn't manage to break Luka Lenic's defence. The game turned out to be long and boring.  

Tomofeev defeated Bosiocic, who instead of 42...e6?? could have hold: 42...exd6 43.exd6 Qd5! 44.Qe7 Qf5+ 45.Kg2 Bf8! ...

Maxim Rodstein in the game against Ernesto Inarkiev, when it wasn't that bad, voluntarily opened his king: 27.gxf4?, and lost immediately.

Arkadij Naiditsch blowed up Ivan Sokolov (his position): 27.Bxg6!, and so on, 1-0. Educational demonstrative game.

Jobava - Kuzubov. After 27.bxa5?! the worst for Black is behind. In the improved position "eternal" knight was quickly exchanged - 27...Nf4!?.

Jones - Fressinet: avodinig Zherebukh's path (14.Nb5?!) White still got an advantage. A small but steady.

Аreshchenko - Pantsulaia. A knight sacrifice is possible (16.Nd5). Perhaps, better not. 

Volokitin and Hovhanisyan are playing "Berlin". volkov and Dreev have already finished.

Sending correspondent to Plovdiv in order to illuminate everything.

Azaladze - Korobov 0-1. The fight hasn't even start, there are no moves. The "Zero Tolerance" rule works?

EICC: Jones - Fressinet, Jobava - Kuzubov and other games of the 6th round. ONLINE Chess-News in Twitter|"

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