Million Scarlet Roses (Joint Photo Spread - Eugeny Surov, Elena Klimets)

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Another Aeroflot festival is over and the tournament baton has been handed to several cities. That was perfectly seen at Moscow airport where chess players were heading in different directions. Some were going back home after 9 days spent in Hotel Cosmos, others were flying to Kishinev, the third part of the players was heading to Tenerife Island, while the fourth, the one I actually joined, was looking forward playing in Tbilisi, Georgia.    

"Direct flight from Domodedovo", as it is known, is used either by teetotallers or by ulcer patients. And if you're going to Tbilisi from Kiev then you need Sheremetyevo airport, termival C. "Leave 4 hours earlier and arrive in 30 minutes; or leave 3,5 hours earlier and arrive in 2 hours, so what is your choice?:)" asked Alexandra Kosteniuk in Twitter. We can only guess what she has chosen. I, for some reason, didn't have a choice: I left 2 hours prior to my flight and I could only appeal to higher power. You know what? It actually helped. 

Documents for the visa are filled out,

and here's the cherished sticker.

Moving towards the main event: ACP Women Cup is about to start in Tbilisi: .

As I've joined Kosteniuk in Moscow, Victoria Cmilyte met us in Kiev - several minutes before we reached "the point of no return". European Champion's route: Vilnius - Kiev - Tbilisi. For a long time our airplane didn't want to take off, what was getting somewhat disturbing: will we be on time to the opening ceremony of ACP Women Cup? Well, safe landing (emphasising the word) was of course more important. 

It took less than an hour to get from the airport to the hotel where the tournament is taking place. 

Here we are. The houses and mountains surround Hotel Sheraton.

Sure that's not real Tbilisi. The things happening here over the last few weeks go beyond the usual: continuous snowing (usually winters in Tbilisi are less snowy); the airport that is occasionally closed; citizens freezing (-5 without heating); children enjoying the time while schools are officially closed due to such bitter frost... 

While inside you find the luxury suite and spectacular hall. 


Breathtaking energy!

David Arutunian and Khvicha Supatashvili - Maia Chiburdanidze's long-term coach. 

After welcoming speeches (among the speakers was the Mayor of Tbilisi) Nana Alexandria announced the start of the draw. 

"She's our creative spirit", - whispered around. 

The participants were offered to take out red velvet boxes. Except the number, a tiny, but a very cute tortoise was inside each box. It has been waiting for this tournament for sixteen centuries (!). 


The arbiter Evgeny Melikset-beg - an obvious guest. Especially in his topical sweater.   

And Tatiana with… oh, no comments, yet. 

Gerogian restaurant wasn't far away. No chess players here, only two journalists: Zviad Shatirishvili and I. 

The cake. Speciality of the tournament. Very tasty (but that was discovered later).

Khinkali. With mushrooms. Well, that's not real Khinkali ("real" - goes only with meat). Still it was veeeery tasty...

Maia Chiburdanidze was trusted this responsible task. 

"Million scarlet roses..." - was sung live in Georgian restaurant. The visitors liked it.



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