What Do ECU and FIDE Think?

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The organizers of Reggio Emilia tournament refused to grant Italian journalist the accreditation because of her "incorrect" article

The website e3e5.com published Italian journalist Janis Nisii's open letter (in English), in which she states that the organizers of the recent Reggio Emilia tournament refused to grant her an accreditation. The journalist was assigned by the Dutch magazine "New in Chess" (NIC) to  write a report on the event as she had already done last year. However, after sending the e-mail to the technical director of the tournament Roberto Mogranzini, Janis received the response which we are providing here:

"Dear Janis,
the organization of Reggio Emilia wasn't pleased with your article (displayed by Chess-News) on the Reggio Emilia tournament which came out in NIC last year, nor with your comments posted on the blog Scacchierando. As a result you will not be issued press accreditation.  New in Chess will be advised of this decision. 


Roberto Mogranzini"

Roberto Mogranzini. Photo Chessbase.com

"This as a rather unique concept of freedom of opinion and indirectly of the press, to put it mildly. - writes Janis Nisii. - Without freedom of expression, reporting becomes meaningless".

"It would be interesting to know what the relevant bodies (such as the Italian, European and World Chess Federations) think about the incident hereby reported, which is not much about me as an individual, as it is about a breach of principles that belong to the cultural heritage, legal system and shared values of a democratic society".

We, Chess-News, join the question raised by the journalist and which is addressed to European Chess Union and FIDE. We have already faced the similar problem when the President of the Turkish Chess Federation Ali Nihat Yazici was also not pleased with our publication in which we informed that some of the leading national teams were about to boycott World Team Championship. As a result Yazici threatened Chess-News that it won't be allowed to work at any tournament taking place in Turkey.   

Ali Nihat Yazici supports "correct" articles


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