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Levon Aronian maintains lead

The first decisive game of Round 10 of Wijk aan Zee tournament saw the leader Levon Aronian to beat Anish Giri in Queen's Gambit. The game shied away from the theory quite quickly, however, Levon's second, GM Pashikian, have had analyzed the variant that took place, during last year's Tal Memorial. (The leader  is without a coach in wijk aan Zee as long as his probable assistants played at Armenian Championship). Aronian made a perspective sacrifice of an exchange on the 13th move, after which he developed a powerful initiative and finished with an impressive attack.  


There are a lot of ways up to the target, however, the one Black has chosen is the quickest and most beautiful. 

41... Ne1! 42. Rxe1 Qf4+! (in the case of taking the Queen White is checkmated) 43. Kd1 Qe4 0-1


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