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Время публикации: 25.11.2011 22:05 | Последнее обновление: 25.11.2011 22:11

Everyone played, Carlsen won

At the closing ceremony of the sixth Tal Memorial Ilya Levitov, the head of the Board at Russian Chess Federation, compared Carlsen with German football team; he remembered Gary Leneker’s famous words about German team which always wins.

The decisive round of one of the strongest tournaments in history turned out to be fighting, and what is more important the intrigue remained till its last minutes. While Gelfand – Anand was drawn, Svidler made Kramnik to finish with “-2”. Ivanchuk had almost defeated Karjakin (“In the last round of previous Tal Memorial my position was totally hopeless, and now it was just hopeless” – said Sergey who managed to avoid loss as then so now); Carlsen grabbed victory against Nakamura and waited for a draw in Nepomniachtchi – Aronian clash.

Norwegian and Armenian gathered 5.5/9 each, Carlsen tied for first due to a greater number of “Black” games.


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