Tal Memorial: Nepomniachtchi - Aronian Drawn, Carlsen Won the Tournament

Время публикации: 25.11.2011 20:39 | Последнее обновление: 25.11.2011 20:39

The sixth Tal Memorial has finished in Moscow, Russia. Nepomniachtchi - Aronian 80 move encounter that lasted for six and a half hour finally finished in a draw. 

In an equal endgame Aronian made a carelessly inaccurate attack 34...b5?, which became the reason of him to be fighting for a draw another fifty moves. 

As a result, Carlsen and Aronian gathered 5.5/9 each, which means they shared first place; however, the winner of the tournament is Carlsen due to the greater number of the games played with Black. In order to achieve his goal Magnus Carlsen had to win over Hikaru Nakamura, who, owing to his defeat, is last in the final standings.  


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