ETCC: Armenia Continues Chasing the Leaders

Время публикации: 08.11.2011 22:14 | Последнее обновление: 08.11.2011 22:16

In the sixth round of the ETCC, Armenian team compensated an unsuccessful start by one another win, this time against Spain 2.5-1.5, and continued catching up with the leaders.  

The second board player of Spain, famous Alexey Shirov, was sent to rest which affected the result of the match. The only decisive game was won by Gabriel Sargissian – he defeated Grandmaster Arizmendi from the reserve list of Spanish team. In the last game to end Aronian had enough compensation for a piece against Francisco Vallejo. 

The teams before the start  (photo

All games.

A correct end of Levon Aronian's game from yesterday's match against Denmark is also available to watch. 


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