Nigel Short: "I Understood That Kasparov Was Very Vulnerable"

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Grandmaster Nigel Short, who played in October a nostalgic blitz match in Leuven, Belgium against Garry Kasparov, and lost this competition by a narrow margin, 3.5-4.5, answered a couple of Mikhail Golubev’s questions for our website.

M.GOLUBEV: How would you evaluate the match and your result?

N.SHORT: It was better than I expected prior to the match. However I understood - probably for the first time in my life - as soon as we started playing that he was very vulnerable.

M.GOLUBEV: Maybe it was better to play 9.h4 in the decisive game? Recently Vallejo won a decent game against Sanikidze in this variation.

N.SHORT: Possibly. Anyway, I made a poor psychological choice in the last game because he is very good at attacking.

M.GOLUBEV: Is not Kasparov just a lucky guy, generally?

N.SHORT: Not really.

M.GOLUBEV: I know that you headed the blitz rating list for a while. Are you still spending time for playing blitz on the Internet?

N.SHORT: I play way too much blitz chess. It rots the brain just as surely as alcohol.

M.GOLUBEV: Have you ever played the unofficial internet blitz games against Kasparov?

N.SHORT: I don't recall. However I do remember playing him a series of friendly blitz games in Megeve, France, many years ago. The first six games were won by black! If I am not mistaken, we final score was around 6-6 which was, of course, an exceptionally good result for me.

M.GOLUBEV: Is it possible that the blitz competitions would be considered at one day as a fully legitimate form of the professional chess, with its own rating list an so on?

N.SHORT: I think that blitz chess is seriously underdeveloped as a tool for promoting chess. There ought to be separate blitz ratings. Unfortunately though now we have a world championship where the three disciplines (classic, rapid and blitz) are mixed together and this is just wrong.

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