FIDE Deems Complaints Against Evgeny Surov Unfounded

Время публикации: 21.01.2020 14:02 | Последнее обновление: 22.01.2020 14:06

Zangalis and Karjakin failed to reply to his defensive statement

In August 2019, Kirill Zangalis complained against Chess-News editor-in-chief Evgeny Surov to the Ethics Commissions of both the CFR (Chess Federation of Russia) and FIDE. Zangalis is a manager to GM Sergey Karjakin and also works as PR Director at the CFR.

The Russian case was quickly decided in favour of Zangalis at the very CFR office where the latter works: the CFR Ethics Commission granted his request by 'banning Evgeny Surov from visiting official events and sports competitions held under the auspices of the CFR'. That is what Zangalis and his protégé, who lodged a separate complaint to FIDE, were trying to achieve at the global level as well – but unsuccessfully. The FIDE Ethics Commission's verdict was entirely different:

1. The complaints of Messrs. Kirill Zangalis and Sergey Karjakin are not admissible;
2. The case is dismissed.

'The complainants were given an opportunity to file additional statements in reply to the respondent’s defensive statement [from 18 October 2019], but they failed to take up the opportunity to do so. As a result, many of the respondent’s factual averments remained not only unanswered, but indeed uncontested', the FIDE decision reads.

According to the FIDE Ethics Commission, 'the complaints do not raise issues connected sufficiently with the administration or practice of chess as a sport', while the matter is 'not an international matter in the sense of having international implications [...] or affecting various national federations'. Moreover, 'given the complainant’s failure to reply to the respondent’s allegations (inter alia about the use of Karjakin’s name in a fictitious article), the ETH [Ethics Commission] is not persuaded that a prima facie case has been established of the violation of the Code of Ethics', the Commission concludes.

Below you can download the full text of the decision as well as all the other relevant documents and materials.

Ethics decision case 5_2019 (final).pdf79.72 KB
Zangalis - Application to FIDE Ethics Commission.pdf63.17 KB
Karjakin's statement.pdf83.32 KB
Surov's reply to FIDE EC_D-CN.pdf500.13 KB
Tweet-Surov-Rus.png557.02 KB
Karjakin_interview_Eng.pdf369.43 KB
FIDE Vice President Mahir Mammedov Says He Is Against Persecuting Journalists and Taking Revenge on Them.pdf236.74 KB


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