Svidler’s Bronze Horsemen Win Russian Team Championship

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The women’s competition had been won earlier with two rounds to spare by the Moscow Chess Team

The guys from St. Petersburg were the kings of Sochi yesterday: President Vladimir Putin, born and bred in St. Pete, opened the chess project at the Sirius educational centre, while Medny Vsadnik (The Bronze Horseman), also from Russia’s ‘northern capital’, finished first in the Russian Team Championship.

Svidler and co. just needed to win with any score line in the last round against tournament whipping boys Ladya (Rook) from Kazan, who had failed to score a single team point up until then. The leaders achieved this objective after Fedoseev defeated Sharafiev.

In the end ShSM (the Moscow Chess Team) scored more individual points, but their team points tally was behind St. Pete’s.

As it happens the majority of the Medny Vsadnik team do in fact hail from Russia’s second city:

Peter Svidler
Lenier Dominguez
Nikita Vitiugov
Bu Xiangzhi
Maxim Matlakov
Maxim Rodshtein
Vladimir Fedoseev
Ildar Khairullin

Petr Svidler could only draw on top board

A higher league competition took place at the same time. 23 clubs fought a Swiss tournament, with the two top teams qualifying to play in next year’s premier league: SergArk (Moscow) and The Chess and Draughts School (St. Petersburg).

The Veterans section was won by University (from the town of Belorechensk), whose top board was the eminent Evgeny Sveshnikov.

The junior tournament was won by Ladya (Krasnoyarsk – Nizhny Novgorod), while the girls’ tournament was won by University-Belorechensk (of the Krasnodar Region).

The women’s competition had been won earlier with two rounds to spare by the Moscow Chess Team.

Translated by Ilan Rubin


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