Wijk aan Zee: Giri - Caruana, So - Ding liren, Hou Yifan - Navara and Other Games of Round 4. LIVE

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Caruana made two errors in

Caruana made two errors in the endgame, 50... h4 was needed to stop Kg3 (which Giri didn't play), and then 55... Ra3 was needed instead of Rxh3. With the second error, the point is that the e-pawn is strong enough without the h-pawn's help, and Black just needs to corral White's a-pawn. Very difficult to play this in practice, as 2-versus-1 always feels better, but it's the speed that counts. As for the reason of 50... h4, one point is that White won't be able to do Rxa5 and Rxh5 consecutively. after this