Timur Gareyev Assaulted in Portugal After His Tournament Victory

Время публикации: 30.11.2015 01:31 | Последнее обновление: 30.11.2015 04:07

Timur Gareyev's convincing victory at the festival in Figueira da Foz, Portugal, was overshadowed by the events that followed. The open tournament of 35 players, including 7 GMs, has finished on November 28.


The American GM lost only half a point throughout the 9-round distance, gaining 21 rating points. The decisive win which he scored in the 8th round can be replayed at the tournament official website.

On Saturday evening, after the closing ceremony and the prize giving were over, Gareyev left the hotel for a solitary walk, during which he was assaulted by strangers. It happened at a central street in the area of the city's night life, Portuguese website Jornal de Noticias informs. As a result, the GM has been transported to the city hospital the next day at 4 am. The details are still unknown.

Today, Gareyev has to get to Lisbon in order to be on time for his flight to the USA. According to the chief organizer of the tournament Miguel Babo, the winner should have been discharged from the hospital during this Sunday, despite his "very battered face".


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