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The 2016 Candidates tournament will take place in the capital of Russia from March 10-30

The city to host the coming Candidates tournament is not a mystery anymore. The competition will be held in Moscow from March 10-30, 2016.

The organizers' nominee is even more surprising than the location: the wild card goes to Levon Aronian.

Thus, all the eight participants are already known:

Anish GIRI
Viswanathan ANAND

The prize fund of the event will be at least 420,000 euros.

Apparently, Armenia is involved in the organization. According to FIDE official website, the partner of the Candidates tournament will be Tashir group of companies, which has been the main sponsor of the last year's Petrosian Memorial in Moscow.

Lately, Kirsan Ilyumzhninov has visited Yerevan several times to have meetings with President of Armenia Serzh Sargsian.

The FIDE President has told our website a month ago that the World Championship Match will be held in the United States of America, at the same time estimating the chances of the U.S. to host the Candidates tournament as 50-50.

Meanwhile, just a week ago Levon Aronian gave a large interview to Chess-News, during which he admitted knowing nothing of the possible location for the Candidates, saying he would be "simply waiting and hoping". At the end of the conversation, Aronian vowed that his fight for the World Championship isn't over yet.



Chess politics is never easy

Chess politics is never easy to predict! All told, I think Aronian is the most rational pick for the wildcard, taking everything into account. If there were no other considerations, I personally think the wildcard should go to a veteran, as the young guys will firstly have later chances (like Ding Liren and Wesley So), and secondly typically have more energy to qualify by the various methods. Only Kramnik (the Elo favorite) has a comparable record to Aronian's longtime elite status, and the fact that Kramnik has already been world champion tips the scale against him for me. Of course, none of this abstract thinking likely took place, rather it was the Armenian money that wrote his ticket!

FIDE has become more reliable in the last years, but for now this is just a "promise", and I'm sure everyone will be relieved when the contracts are finally signed.

I have a silly question:

I have a silly question: where do the dates March 10-30 appear? I can't find any confirmation of them, and the FIDE website, on the calendar for 2016, says March 9-28.

The dates of March 10-30,

The dates of March 10-30, 2016 have already appeared on various websites, including the FIDE calendar. It's not only that we find news somewhere and re-publish it - sometimes Chess-News can be quicker than other sources! However, you are right saying that the official FIDE contracts signed and published would make all of us calmer. That's the case about modern FIDE, there isn't a lot to be done about it.

Agon gave a report to the

Agon gave a report to the Executive Board in Abu Dhabi, now published as Annex 54, and at that time (early September) had this to say about the Candidates (§7): "So far, we have interest in holding the event from Erevan (Armenia), and San Francisco (US). We hope to have discussions with many more organizers."

Anyway, in §8 concerning the 2016 World Championship, they say "Agon has secured a prize fund (EUR2,000,000) and is working on developing sponsorship contracts. We’ll inform the Board and, if approved, announce the city and venue in November of 2015, exactly a year before the championship. We are looking at New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. We are also working with ESPN and Sky sports to make sure the Championship is on TV."

In a previous section, they had mentioned Goldman Sachs, Audi, E-ON, and Isklar Water as sponsors, and noted that the technology/banking sectors are a good fit for chess.

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