The U.S. To Host World Championship Match

Время публикации: 04.10.2015 20:31 | Последнее обновление: 04.10.2015 22:40

And maybe the Candidates Tournament too

In the interview to Chess-News, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov announced that the World Championship match has been scheduled for October 2016 and will be held in the United States of America. "It's all decided," - he added. The exact city to host the match is still unknown, but according to Ilyumzhinov it could be New York city, Los Angeles, or Chicago.

"I made another offer when meeting the sponsors: to give the US the right to organise also the Candidates Tournament, which is scheduled for March," Ilyumzhinov told us. According to him, there is 50% chance that the US will host the Candidates, since other countries, wishing to nominate their player, may also bid for the right to hold the competition.

Ilyumzhinov also mentioned the agreement with Monaco to host Women's World Championship match in 2017. The interview in full (in Russian) is available here.  



The timing in the USA next

The timing in the USA next October is not what I would choose, as the election circus(es) will be in high gear, and the sports pages will be involved with the baseball playoffs.

Anyway, let's wait for the

Anyway, let's wait for the official information, that is the signed contracts, etc. Ilyumzhinov has promised a lot during his long presidency, but some of his promises were just wishful thinking.

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