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Garry Kasparov whitewashes his simul in Pula (PHOTOS, GAMES)

According to a long tradition, Garry Kasparov is spending part of his summer in Croatia. Yesterday, on August 19th, he held a simultaneous exhibition on 19 boards in the city of Pula.

There would be nothing extraordinary about that if it weren't for the scale of its coverage: the simul was broadcasted live and recorded professionally on several cameras. The participants themselves could watch every game live.

The 13th World Champion hasn't slipped a single time, and the 19-0 final score, announced by the anchorwoman, was met by ovation.

The action lasted a bit longer than 90 minites. 13 years old Anamarija Radikovic of Rijeka (you can see her on the title screenshot) was the last player to capitulate. 



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