Arkady Naiditsch and Wife Move to Baku

Время публикации: 13.08.2015 12:15 | Последнее обновление: 14.08.2015 04:19

Having this month switched under the flag of Azerbaijan, Arkady Naiditsch has moved permanently from Germany to Baku with his wife. He said this in an interview with

"I have already rented an apartment - said the grandmaster. - Furthermore, soon my wife and I would like to have children. Let's see how life pans out. But we hope that at least for the next ten years we will live in Azerbaijan. ... I liked Baku immediately. Recently, it has become very beautiful and pleasant. What I particularly like here, is the safety. In not all European metropolitan areas can you feel as safe and comfortable, as in Baku. Even in big German cities, such as, for example, Berlin and Hamburg, I did not feel very comfortable walking alone at night. In the capital of Azerbaijan it is a completely different situation, which is very nice."

Naiditsch also intends to participate in the development of Azeri chess: "One of the main responsibilities of a GM is not only performance in all possible tournaments, but also to help young players. In this regard, I am ready to give all kinds of support."

According to the source, he is ambitious and believes that the athlete must have something to fight for, not just participate in tournaments. "Azerbaijan is one of the top chess countries in the world, and I, of course, was very pleased that I was paid attention as a possible candidate for the team. So I was very glad of the opportunity to play a part in such a strong team and to fight for top places".

Arkady Naiditsch's debut in the national team of Azerbaijan will take place in the European Team Championship in November.


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