Kirsan Illyumzhinov to Meet with Pyotr Poroschenko, to Agree Women's World Title Match in Ukraine

Время публикации: 01.07.2015 14:41 | Последнее обновление: 01.07.2015 14:59

Chess-News has learned that tomorrow in Lviv, there will be a meeting between Kirsan Illyumzhinov and Ukrainian President, Pyotr Poroschenko. The FIDE President wants the Women's World championship match between Mariya Muzychuk and Hou Yifan to be held this year in Lviv, although China has already filed an official application to hold it. 

"But there have already been many events in China, whereas Lviv would be the first event of such a level in the Ukraine", said Illyumzhinov, on a previous visit to Lviv, when he met with the mayor Andriy Sadovyi. 


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