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The photo album "Autograph" in our Vkontakte group has been filled up with signatures of famous chessplayers. Here are some of them.


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  • Our photo-correspondent paid another visit to the Russian Team Championship at the Zhemchuzhina Hotel, Sochi. On this occasion Mikhail Sholudko found not only old faces in the playing hall but also the heroine of a currently popular song in Russia by Sergey Shnurov (which can be viewed with English subtitles here - be sure to select the required subtitle language via the Settings icon on the video's screen). His hand nevertheless remained steady and his camera intact.

  • On 1st May in the Sochi hotel Zhemchuzhina [Pearl - Ed] the national club championships started, the biggest mass chess event in Russia. In the annually-changing club line-ups, this year we have not just stars, but superstars.

    Our photo correspondent Mikhail Sholudko decided to join with the proletariat of all countries and this is what happened. 

  • On the rest day in Khanty-Mansiysk, the participants of the Grand Prix planted trees in front of the Ugra chess academy building, whilst Kirill Merkuriev photographed how the GMs tried to avoid getting their hands dirty.

  • The Russian TV channel "Russia 2" hosts the sports program "All included". One of its most popular projects is the "Girl of the Month" in which the famous sportswomen and show business stars are invited for the interviews and photosets. At the end of each month the website of the channel conducts the voting. Recently Natalia Pogonina became the nominee of the contest.     

  • Our special correspondent in Stavanger Dmitry Ostanin sent us some photos from the tournament.

  • In Chavki, 98 players are competing for the European Women's Championship. The opening ceremony was covered by Sofiko Nikoladze.  

  • More photos from our correspondent Dmitry Ostanin from Stavanger.