Olga Girya Crushes Opposition in Ostankino Blitz (Photo Report)

Время публикации: 16.06.2015 09:20 | Последнее обновление: 16.06.2015 09:31

In the chess club at the Russian capital's TV technical centre, the Ostankino Club blitz trophy has been played for once again. 

Twelve representatives of the fair sex contested an extremely strong all-play-all. The top seed Olga Girya had no equals: she dropped only a single draw and finished first with 11.5 / 12. 

Second place with 9 points went to club leader Elmira Mirzoeva. The bronze medal was decided in a close battle between Maria Fominykh and Anna Burtasova, with Maria proving the stronger. 

Photos by Artur Teregulov


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  • Maria Manakova was the best in the Ostankino blitz tournament. Last night there was yet another event held in the capital's main telecentre. Twelve participants played in an all-play-all and included Anatoli Shvedchikov and Maxim Orlinkov, who distinguished themselves in the recent Ostankino team cup, as well as Mark Gluhovsky, Elmira Mirzoeva, Galina Strutinskaya and Boris Gruzmann.

  • Hou Yifan arrived to the Czech capital in order to play the four-game match of classical chess Cez Cess Trophy which is traditionally held in June. Her rival will be David Navara. The match starts tomorrow, while last weekend the former world champion already had a walk with her mother; she also gave a simul on twenty boards.

  • Every time I walk around Prague in spring, I wonder why the song "The best city in the world" was not written about it. And why do people recommend one to see the city best by walking along its broad avenues, rather than its green spaces, with their unique aura, the smiles of passers-by and the stunning views. 

  • On 1st May in the Sochi hotel Zhemchuzhina [Pearl - Ed] the national club championships started, the biggest mass chess event in Russia. In the annually-changing club line-ups, this year we have not just stars, but superstars.

    Our photo correspondent Mikhail Sholudko decided to join with the proletariat of all countries and this is what happened. 

  • More than once I have pointed out in reports from Prague that the main hero of the ČEZ Chess Trophy is the spectator. The one who comes to the playing room, and pays a nominal fee for entrance. But it is, perhaps, not the amount, but the mentality: it is just so nice, that those who come along should be paid attention to, and this is understood not only by the organizers, but also the players, as you will see later.

  • Anatoly Karpov's main place of work these days is an office at the State Duma, and nowadays people are as interested in his political opinions as in his views on chess. The match taking place in Riga against Evgeny Sveshnikov is one of few possibilities to see the twelfth world champion in the environment one has been used to seeing him in for decades.

  • Many of Stavanger supertournament followers ask "where is Nakamura?", we can now reply with not just "he is in Prague" but also by naming specific places he visits - I will guide you to those during Navara - Nakamura match. 

  • As we've already reported Tania Sachdev was the only "Snowdrop" to choose skiing on a rest day. Chess-News has also got pictures showing how have spent the free day Valentina Gunina and Alina Kashlinskaya. These young ladies preferred to stroll the streets of Prague, it turned out Valya Gunina has visited Czech capital for the first time.  

  • David Navara escapes from Wesley So in game one

  • Yesterday's third match game ended in a quiet draw and today, to save the match, David Navara needs to win with Black. The current match score is 2-1 in favour of the American guest. 

    The game starts, as usual, at 17.00 Moscow time.
    All material about the match