We Are All Cheats. FischerRandom Chess Is the Salvation

Время публикации: 09.06.2015 11:04 | Последнее обновление: 09.06.2015 17:12

What you read today is not my firm and final position, on which I insist. This is just an attempt to make sense of those inevitable processes that take place in chess, and maybe change something for the better. I would be glad to meet reasoned objections and if everything proves to be an exaggeration.

First of all, we must admit to ourselves that we are all cheats! Unfair play has been going on for twenty years - since the computer has become an integral part of the preparation of a chess player. After all, what is cheating? It is the use of advice (in this case we're talking about computer advice) during the game. And whether this advice is accepted and memorized before the game or during it, there is no real difference, if you think about it carefully.

Of course, I also work with a computer. Instead of my own thoughts, I use another's - often in the hope that my opponent does not look before the game at what I have looked at. Many players get a long way on this basis, all the way to 2800. But playing on memory is not the game of chess. You may object: what about in the pre-computer era? Then, too, there was analytical work, but it is one thing - to do such work by yourself (not being sure that there are no errors in the analysis), and quite another just to remember what the machine shows you. It does not even enter many people's head that winning a game - even spectacularly - by relying on computer analysis is no great achievement.

The problem is that all this has become the norm. We have shut our eyes. And only one man of genius figured out how, without violating the essence of the game, to eliminate all this massive preparation. Somehow, his idea - FischerRandom Chess - is still misunderstood. But this is the same chess, nothing has changed.

Maybe it's time to put everyone on an equal footing? Some people cannot afford a powerful computer, whilst others have silicon worth tens of thousands of dollars, plus a huge number of assistants, that are a source of advice with this work. This difference in effect determines the rankings and so on.

Of course, FischerRandom chess is not a panacea against computer advice during the game itself, but at least it can save us from everyday cheating, which infects us all. It's time to change our perspective and look at the problem from a different angle.


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