Magnus Carlsen: "I Love the Middlegame, Because There You Get Pure Chess"

Время публикации: 02.06.2015 12:47 | Последнее обновление: 02.06.2015 23:57

In an interview with his near-namesake, Business Insider correspondent Nicholas Carlson, the world champion explained in particular why the middlegame is his favourite part of the game.

"In the opening, a lot depends on home analysis with the computer - says Carlsen. - The computer is now an incredibly powerful tool in chess, which eliminates the playing component. And because I feel that in the play itself, I am better than the others, I try to choose openings that minimize the effect of computer preparation.

And in the endgame, where there are seven or fewer pieces on the board, the computer has solved things completely. Anyone can just go to any site and see what the right move is in this or that position.

Between these two stages we have the middlegame, and that's where it comes down to pure chess. Therefore the middlegame is my favorite part of the game."

Magnus also told how over the years he has changed his style of play. At a young age, like many others, he preferred a direct attack on the king, but the stronger his opponents became, the more he realized that this is a small thing with which to hope to win. He paid particular attention to the endgame and became more cautious at the board. Recently, however, he has again been trying to put more emphasis on creative play, because "you cannot always win games by superior technique. Sometimes you need to create something unique to baffle your opponents."



The question suggests itself:

The question suggests itself: what does Carlsen think of Fischer Chess? Given what he says, it looks like he has nothing against. I failed to find his opinion on it in the Internet.


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