The "Regan Method" Suggests Sandu Is Playing Honestly, But Some Suspect "Intelligent Cheating"

Время публикации: 29.05.2015 10:45 | Последнее обновление: 29.05.2015 20:25

Associate Professor of the University of Buffalo, and a member of the joint FIDE / ACP anti-cheating commission, Kenneth Regan, gave his assessment of Mihaela Sandu. You will recall that fifteen participants of the European Championship have openly accused the Roumanian player of cheating.

Regan, whose specialization is computer science and computing systems, is the author of a special program, with which games can be reviewed for possible cheating. The method of validation involves many factors, details of which are unknown to the general public.

On the community page on Facebook "No more cheating in chess", the scientist commented after the sixth round of the championship. When asked what percentage of Sandu's moves coincide with those recommended by the computer, Regan said: "It is absolutely normal."

However, not all GMs who have looked at the Roumanian's games, agree. For example, in the comments on the same page, Peter Heine Nielsen confirmed the assessment of Regan: "It is obvious that she is innocent," but on our website Michal Krasenkow expressed doubts:
"I know many wonderful Roumanian chess players of the same generation: Peptan, Cosma and others, who have always been dangerous rivals to our Polish girls. But I have never heard of Sandu. Even in adulthood, this player had a rating of 2100+. Of course, players develop at different paces, and anything can happen, but the principle of "trust but verify", especially as noted by David [Navara], in our times, is quite logical. The games of Sandu are without the gross errors typical, alas, of women's chess, but contain brilliant ideas, unfeasible for ordinary mortals - see the very convincing (to me) post by Dmitry Kryavkin on Facebook (according to Kryakvin, in the game Sandu - Stefanova White "played brilliantly" - CN). It is very similar to "intelligent cheating" (when the assistant does not automatically select the computer's first line, and looks for every opportunity to look "human") - in any case, it must be checked."

It is this version - "intelligent cheating" - which those who suspect foul play by Sandu are basing their case on, and contrast it with the "Regan method."


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