Chakvi: Competitors' Letters and Organisers' Answer

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As we have already reported, live broadcast of the games from the European Women's Championship, starting with round 8, has been made with a 15-minute delay. The organising committee took the decision at the request of 32 players in the tournament. However, there was also a second letter, in which 15 players raised suspicions of cheating against Mihaela Sandu specifically.

These are the two letters.

(You can download larger photos below)

The text of the first letter:

"We, the participants of the 16th Women's European Chess Championship, would like to express our grave concern regarding raising suspicions of cheating in the tournament. We would like to ask organisers cooperation in this regard. There are a few ways to fight with advanced technology, and we strongly believe organisers should do their utmost to avoid such situations. We have already asked for a 15 minutes delay in the live transmission of all the games. It is a common solution, used in many top-level tournaments. If this is technically not possible, then we would like to ask organisers to propose another solution to this problems for the remaining rounds of the Championship".

1. Natalya Zhukova
2. Alisa Galliamova
3. Lanita Stetsko
4. Anastasia Ziazulkina
5. Olga Girya
6. Dina Belenkaya
7. Anastasia Bodnaruk
8. Anastasia Savina
9. Vlada Sviridova
10. Lilit Galojan
11. Iolanta Zawadzka
12. Ioanna Voinovic
13. Nino Batsiashvili
14. Bela Khotenashvili
15. Evgenia Ovod
16. Inna Gaponenko
17. Sofio Gvetadze
18. Nino Khurtsidze
19. Maia Lomineishvili
20. Salome Melia
21. Svetlana Matveeva
22. Olga Zimina
23. Alesia Santeramo
24. Maria Kursova
25. Anna Airapetian
26. Maria Gevorgian
27. Marina Guseva
28. Svetlana Petrenko
29. Ekaterina Kovalevskaya
30. Anna Ushenina
31. Elina Danielian
32. Alina Kashlinskaya

Text of the second letter:

"We, participants of the 16th European Individual Women's Chess Championship, want to express concern about the situation about the situation with M.Sandu's performance. We ask the organisers not to include her games from the rounds 8-11 in a live transmission and publish them after the round. We do not see any important reason to dislike this precautionary measure for both sides. We hope that such a decision will prevent all the possible suspicions".

1. Natalya Zhukova
2. Alisa Galliamova
3. Lanita Stetsko
4. Anastasia Ziaziulkina
5. Anastasia Bodnaruk
6. Anastasia Savina
7. Dina Belenkaya
8. Ioanna Voinovic
9. Evgenia Ovod
10. Salome Melia
11. Svetlana Matveeva
12. Marina Guseva
13. Anna Tskhadadze
14. Tatyana Ivanova
15. Ekaterina Kovalevskaya

The letter was replied to by tournament director Gia Giorgadze. The text of his reply can be read in the photo above.

In the last part of his letter, Giorgadze points out that, regarding cheating, the organisers follow the FIDE Laws of chess, which, among other things, state that a player making false accusations may also be penalized by arbiters.

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