Welcome to the 20th Century!

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On September 12, 1992 this writer was traumatised, which still haunts him. No, I did not fall off a bridge onto my head, as some might think. That evening I watched the second leg of the 1/32 stage of the UEFA Cup, "Torpedo" - "Manchester United". The first leg ended 0-0 in England, and the tie continued at the Moscow stadium. It went into extra time, but the then popular channel "2x2", which was broadcasting the match, was not prepared for such a development.

It was late at night, and the channel had its own "network" obligations to certain advertisers. The viewers saw the additional thirty minutes, but the winner was still not determined. The whistle meant the most exciting time for fans of the "automobile plant," as they called "Torpedo". No one dreamed that we would reach a penalty shoot-out against Manchester United themselves!

At this moment the picture was lost, and on the air there appeared a lovely girl, with an erotic voice that said: "Dear viewers, we have to interrupt the broadcast of the game. You can learn later from our news programme how the penalty shoot-out ended."

The noise of the smashing of TV screens could be heard far outside our apartment.

Can you imagine that now, in 2015, the broadcast of a football match would be interrupted in this way?

As I recall, people seriously started talking about the problem of computer aid in chess about ten years ago (plus or minus), and about the same time there was this idea - a broadcast delay of 15-20 minutes. "That's all. And there are no problems" - confidently argued the supporters of this measure, and it was hard to disagree with them. At that time.

And now we are in 2015. Now everything that is not on live is just yesterday's snow. The number of noteworthy tournaments has grown immeasurably.

People in recent years have been divided into two categories: those who are not behind the times (those ahead of the times we do not count - they are just geniuses), and those who stayed where they were, in the twentieth century.

Those who insist on delaying the broadcast as an anti-cheating measure are the only ones whose thinking is out-dated. Is chess dominated by such people?! Does the FIDE anti-cheating commission not include a single person who will say that delaying live broadcasts is yesterday's measure?

Your counter-argument is that "nothing better has been invented?" Tell that to a man suffering from brain cancer, when you cut off his head.

Unfortunately, man is so constituted that he wants to get everything without doing anything. In reality, this almost never works out, but most of us somehow cling to this ideal formula. Disabling / delaying the broadcast of games - this is the easiest way to solve the problem when there are no other ways to solve the problem.

Or are there? I wonder what other anti-cheating measures have been taken in the current European Women's Championship? And not only in it. The majority of all women's tournaments are still based solely on trust. And it is time to learn what Kramnik said: trust but verify.

FIDE often justifies the lack of spectators in the hall at its tournaments by arguing that well, they're not needed - "we have a huge audience on the Internet." Then we spit on this audience? How else to interpret the decision to broadcast games with a delay? If this is not disrespect to the audience, then what?

What about equal conditions for all participants? Suppose Michaela Sandu is a cheat (I am not saying she is, but, let us not fool around, that is clearly what the organisers suspect). So, for the six victims already, nothing can be done, and for the rest, you can change the rules during the event?

So, congratulations to all those fighters of fraud who stand up for the delay in translation. As the song says, a dream come true. Or, as another song goes, time goes backwards! Or, as it says in the title of the famous film - Let the twentieth century begin!

I am impatiently waiting a case of someone cheating when there is no live broadcast. I will applaud this player.


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