Chicago Open: Young American IM Ahead of 24 GMs

Время публикации: 27.05.2015 13:17 | Последнее обновление: 27.05.2015 13:25

The 24th Chicago Open included 24 GMs, includng Gata Kamsky, Lazaro Bruzon, Ilya Nyzhnyk, and Sergey Azarov. Many of those holding the top title shared 2-8 places, taking roughly 1671 dollars.

But the winner with 7/9 was American IM, 14-year old Jeffery Xiong, who won 10300 dollars.

Xiong during play at last year's Washington tournament

The youngster also fulfilled his third GM norm.


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  • The Australian Chess Open is about to start in Sydney. The event is noteworthy for the fact that it has gathered nearly all strongest national players, as well as Chinese GM Ni Hua (2676) and the titled guests from Kazakhstan and Russia. The complete field can be seen at the official website.

  • In the Dutch town of Heerhugowaard the national open draughts championship is taking place, in which one of the world's most well-known chessplayers is taking part: Vasily Ivanchuk. After eight rounds, he occupies 114-th place: he has two wins, three draws and three defeats.

  • The Millionaire Chess Open has taken its start on October 9th in Las Vegas, the American city which is well-known for the 1999 FIDE world championship to the chess fans and for its vivid gambling life to the others.

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  • The world championships at rapid and blitz chess will be held from 9-15 October in Berlin. Both tournaments will be Swiss system events, the Rapid 15 rounds in three days, the blitz 21 rounds over two days. 

  • The traditional Baku Open finished successfully for Irina Krush of US. She fulfilled either 2nd or 3rd GM norm. As she explained it's not known yet because FIDE Congress which will take place in Tallinn in several days should decide if her success at the team championship in Astana will be counted as a norm. If it will be approved then Irina Krush will become a "real" Grandmaster.     

  • Two GMs Baadur Jobava and Wesley So didn't attend the opening ceremony of the two competitions taking place in Wijk aan Zee. Georgian player will get to the Netherlands tonight as planned. Wesley So is in a much complicated situation: his flight from St. Louis to Chicago arrived later, so GM was late for his flight Chicago - London - Amsterdam. Now So is waiting for another flight, supposedly he will get to Wijk aan Zee tomorrow by the start of Round 1 (13:30 local time).

  • The 11th Moscow Open (RSSU Cup) will take place in the capital of Russia from January 29th to February 9th, 2015.

  • Anatoly Karpov's main place of work these days is an office at the State Duma, and nowadays people are as interested in his political opinions as in his views on chess. The match taking place in Riga against Evgeny Sveshnikov is one of few possibilities to see the twelfth world champion in the environment one has been used to seeing him in for decades.

  • Parallel with the main event, Biel traditionally runs an Open section, the "Masters". This year, 11-round Swiss was contested by 78 players and the first prize winner was Emil Sutovsky. 

  • Chairman of Appeal Сommittee at the Women's European Championship, Fiona Steil-Antoni, went for a walk around Chakvi yesterday evening. She was accompanied by the player most discussed at the tournament so far, Mihaela Sandu.