Gata Kamsky: "In Life, a Person Should Have Something More Than Just Chess"

Время публикации: 18.05.2015 21:45 | Последнее обновление: 18.05.2015 22:24

In a short interview with the newspaper "Vechernaya Kazan", Gata Kamsky admitted that chess is not the biggest thing in his life:

"Yes, I did not become world champion. But I have other things that I value in life. It was more important to me to obtain an education. I understand that for many sportsmen, the goal is to become world champion. But person should have something else in life, than just chess. Bobby Fischer said that life is chess, but I would not like to end my life like he did his."

The grandmaster also said that recognition is not the main thing in life, either:

"The chess world is special. It does not matter where a chess player lives – Russia, Argentina, or Australia. We are all one family. Among chessplayers I am well known, but I cannot say that people recognize me on the street. But I don't think recognition is the main thing in life. In Russia, of course, I am remembered. When I was in Sochi recently, at the closing ceremony of the Russian team championships, the organisers announced that they were pleased to have present such legendary players as Kramnik, Kamsky and Shirov. We enjoyed hearing this, although we all understand very well that ours are names that belong to the past. Now in the chess arena it is young talented players who shine, players who are in the world top ten. But we will still fight for the title.

I don't consider myself old. Rather, as a sportsman of middle age. But even so… Chess is a sport, and that means that, as in other forms of sport, in championships, it is the younger players who will win. If you take me, I raised my rating between the ages of 18 and 21. Then I reached the top five in the world. Now we have youngsters like Carlsen and Caruana, who are now 22, and the latter is fifth in the world on rating. Vladimir Kramnik and Veselin Topalov these days are having problems in chess, connected with their age. Vishy Anand is 45, is probably just an exception to the rule."


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