Close Your Ears and Eyes!

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Competitors at the European Women's Championship arrive at a building site

Today in the town of Chakvi, not far from Batumi, the 16th European Women's Championship opens. Whether the dates are to blame, or some other factor, we do not know, but the event is being ignored by the leading Russian and Ukrainian players. In their absence, the top player in the starting list is Nana Dzagnidze, followed by Bela Khotenashvili, and Antoaneta Stefanova, with whom the 2500-list ends. Fourth rated is Olga Girya, and in total, at this moment 99 players are registered. 
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But those who have arrived are, we hear, astonished. Today we have already received several negative reports - the truth is that around the hotel is an entire building site, with all the usual consequences - constant noise, dusty air and no possibility of going out for a walk.   

The path to the sea lies through the building site. Here is a video taken out of one of the windows of a player's room.

There is also no tennis court, nor swimming pool, services which are advertised on the hotel website. The players complained to the hotel reception and were told they have no grounds for complaint, because the tournament organisers knew about the building work in advance. 

Several guests have described it as the worst place that has ever held a women's European Championship. Admittedly, they did mention one or two plusses - "the rooms are not bad and the dinner was good".

One of the few points near the hotel, where there is a decent view

UPD. At the opening ceremony, the director of the tournament Gia Giorgadze has just promised that the organisers will do all they can to solve the problems and run the event at a high level. 

The first round is tomorrow at 14.00 Moscow time. As usual, the champion will be decided by a Swiss over 11 rounds. 


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