Bulgarian Federation Facing Suspension from FIDE

Время публикации: 09.05.2015 13:24 | Последнее обновление: 09.05.2015 17:13

Lawyers for FIDE have sent a letter to the Bulgarian chess federation, demanding cooperation in the matter of the Bulgarian player Ivan Tetimov, who was thrown out of a tournament in Benidorm at the end of last year, on suspicion of cheating. The original letter can be found on the FIDE website.

The letter claims that the FIDE Anti-cheating Commission (ACC) has already twice asked the Bulgarian Federation to cooperate in this matter, both times without result. The first time, on 27 March, the BCF President Silvio Danailov ignored their e-mail, and the second time, he wrote the following: 

"Unfortunately, Bulgarian chess federation have no intention to collaborate with the current FIDE management. In my personal opnion, this management together with the commissions appointed by them are not competent and professional enough to rule FIDE and the world of chess." 

The lawyers point out the clear unacceptability of such arguments and, quoting the relevant point of the FIDE rules, threaten to suspend the Bulgarian federation from the international chess federation, if by 11 May, they have not received the requested information (contact details for Ivan Tetimov) and also confirmation of the fact that the BCF agrees to cooperate fully with FIDE in the investigation. 

There has thus far been no official reaction from the BCF, unless one counts certain aggressive responses on Twitter from Danailov. The BCF President and ex-President of the European Chess Union repeated his words about the "incompetence" of FIDE and also appealed to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov: 

At the start of December 2014, Ivan Tetimov was thrown out of the main tournament in Benidorm one round before the end, when he led with 8/9. The A-tournament was for players rated under 2300 and first prize was 2200 Euros. He was thrown out for refusing to undergo a search for electronic devices under the recently-adopted FIDE rules. 

Our information is that Ivan Tetimov is a friend of Borislav Ivanov, both being from the town of Blagoevgrad. The last-named was forced to end his chess "career" in December 2013, after the national federation banned him


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