The Brigantines Raise the Sails

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Russia's top club side to be decided in Sochi

In Sochi, the Russian club championship has started. As we have already reported, the biggest surprise is the participation of Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian - both super-grandmasters are playing for Sibir. Both played in the opening match, against another of the favourites - Malakhit. Kramnik had Black against Shirov, Aronian White against Motylev. 

For the first time, this year the clubs are divided into two groups: in the Premier League, eight teams contest a round-robin, with the top three getting the right to play in the European Club Cup in the autumn. .
Line-ups, rules, results and other material from the event. 

The Higher League is a Swiss-system event, with 20 clubs. 

In the women's championship, thing are more complicated: ten teams are playing a seven-round Swiss, with SSM- Nashe Nasledie and Yugra boith being very strong. 

Alongside, we have the national championships for veterans, boys and girls. 

View from one of the hotel rooms

Sochi prepares for a sailing boats festival

Nikolai Monin ready for the veterans event

The playing hall half an hour before the start

Title photo - Mikhail.Mahutin,


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  • Today in Sochi the participants arrive for the Russian team Championships for men and women. The line-up for Sibir (Novosibirsk) can be regarded as a real sensation: its top two boards are Vladimir Kramnik and Levon Aronian. The team also includes Pavel Maletin, Dmitry Jakovenko, Wang Yue, Anton Korobov, Dmitry Bocharov and Dmitry Kokarev.

    It is worth recalling Kramnik's words in his interview on our website in September 2013: 

  • On 1st May in the Sochi hotel Zhemchuzhina [Pearl - Ed] the national club championships started, the biggest mass chess event in Russia. In the annually-changing club line-ups, this year we have not just stars, but superstars.

    Our photo correspondent Mikhail Sholudko decided to join with the proletariat of all countries and this is what happened. 

  • The women’s competition had been won earlier with two rounds to spare by the Moscow Chess Team

  • For the second year running, the resort town of Anaklia is becoming an arena of merciless battles between the Georgian women chess players.

  • The first five rounds of the 1st stage of the Rapid Grand Prix among men and women have started in Tbilisi, Georgia. The 9-round Swiss event with the time control 15+10 is organized by the Georgian Chess Federation. There will be overall four stages of the Grand Prix. 

  • Shirov played against Kramnik like in his younger years

  • The closing ceremony was held soon after Fabiano Caruana ensured win in Zurich Chess Challenge

  • Rhodes two days before the start of the European Club Cups (PHОТО)

  • The European Club Cup among men and women teams starts in Rhodes, Greece. Last round is scheduled to October 26th. 

    The participants will live in Rodos Palace Hotel

    Check in

  • Our photo-correspondent paid another visit to the Russian Team Championship at the Zhemchuzhina Hotel, Sochi. On this occasion Mikhail Sholudko found not only old faces in the playing hall but also the heroine of a currently popular song in Russia by Sergey Shnurov (which can be viewed with English subtitles here - be sure to select the required subtitle language via the Settings icon on the video's screen). His hand nevertheless remained steady and his camera intact.