Spring Report

Время публикации: 01.05.2015 12:56 | Последнее обновление: 02.05.2015 01:22

Tbilisi international airport, awaiting the world champions. The indicator boards show that the flight from Doha is on time. In total, the journey from Chengdu, with all the stops and transfers, has taken the players 24 hours. 

The airport is modern and comfortable. It has obvious advantages with Moscow: the girls at passport control smile, wish you all the best, there are far fewer people here, and the area is compact. As a result, the procedures take less time, which is the most important factor. 

However, let's not digress to everyday affairs. Today is a holiday: Georgia has been awaiting such a reception for the last seven years. 

This is the sight which will greet the heriones, when they emerged from the luggage area in a few minutes' time.

Levan Kipiani cannot be described as a minister since yesterday, but is the ex-minister of sport and youth affairs. However, he is not the only minister to have left within a short time. Even so, it was Kipiani who came to greet the players and not empty-handed. The players and their trainer have been awarded the highest sport Georgian titles "Knight of Georgia". 

The girls emerged, were given flowers and were immediately live on Channel One. 

Only the captain is missing.

You wonder why Bela Khotenashvili is missing? She has not been lost on the way, but she happens to have a separate ticket and only travels tomorrow. Will she get such a greeting? I don't know, but she has the same award and is no less loved by the fans.

The ex-minister is thanked by Georgian chess federation President, Gia Giorgadze. 

The famous Nana Alexandria, with her pupil Lela Javakhishvili on her right hand, and Salome Melia on her left. Bouquets and the EU flag, which Lela is holding - this all has been provided by Nana. They have chosen the "wrong" course - most countries set their sights on Asia, but Georgia is turning to Europe...

But I am digressing again.


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