Mariya Muzychuk: "Boycotts Should Be Made by Politicians, Not Chessplayers"

Время публикации: 25.04.2015 13:16 | Последнее обновление: 25.04.2015 13:25

"Did you consider not going to the world championship in Sochi?", Mariya Muzychuk was asked in the course of an interview in the Ukrainian newspaper Zerkalo Nedelyi.

"It was not just the championship in Sochi. To reach it, one had to qualify through a system. Only 64 players in the world reached the event. In history, there is a good example of a boycott of the individual world championship by Georgian players. This was during the Georgia-Russia conflict. Has anyone heard about this boycott? It achieved nothing. But when these Georgian women won the world chess Olympiad, the whole world heard about it.

Boycotts should be made by politicians, not chessplayers. What do you think is better: that I don't go to the world championship, or that I win it? Sportsmen should get on with their work and not get involved in politics. Sportsmen only cross the line into politics when they play under their country's flag in team events and represent it before the whole world. Only then."

Muzychuk also spoke of how she started the triumphant championship:

"Before the event in Sochi, I had a three day session with Belyavsky, during which I was ill. I had a temperature of 39 degrees, two days before I went to Sochi. I practically did not train at all, I just tried to recover as quickly as possible, so I did not arrive at the event in my best sporting form.".

One recalls that Mariya lost her opening game against Yuan Yuanling, but won the next game and went through on tie-break. This was not the only "miracle save" by the tournament's heroine. In Mariya's opinion, training helped her develop confidence and solidity. "Even so, I think such character is more a matter of genetics than something one can develop in oneself".


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