Garry Kasparov on the Wesley So Incident: "This Rule Was Invented by a Bunch of Idiots at FIDE"

Время публикации: 13.04.2015 10:41 | Последнее обновление: 13.04.2015 17:50

During the last round of the US Championship last night, Garry Kasparov joined the the online broadcast on the official tournament site and was invited to share his impressions of the tournament. 

"It is always fighting chess, something which I am sure everyone enjoys. It seems to me that Hikaru is winning, which is as expected.  

Though I am afraid that the championship might be remembered for a very sad accident in the 9th round, but hopefully it will not overshadow a great event. 

I don't want to judge the decisions made by Tony Rich becauser I understand they followed the rules. But the very fact that a bunch of idiots in FIDE created such rules tells you everything about that organisation.

I thought that, for instance, I could have been disqualified in every game, because I used to take notes of my time for each move. I think many players of my generation did it. I think it's quite amazing that now chessplayers should learn more about the rules, that are changed against them, than about opening preparation, because you can be disqualified by some stupid rule, invented by a bunch of senile idiots." 

[Note that Kasparov's comments regarding being disqualified for writing down clock times are completely wrong. The relevant rule, Article 12.4, which he appears not to have read, specifically allows the recording of the clock times - Steve Giddins, English translator].


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