The Aeroflot Open Festival May Take Place in February Next Year

Время публикации: 12.04.2015 22:50 | Последнее обновление: 12.04.2015 23:01

The General Director of Aeroflot confirmed that the revived chess festival will take place next year. This was confirmed in an interview with our site by the director of the festival, Alexander Bakh. 

"There are definite hopes. I have spoken with Russian Chess Federation President Filatov, and he told me that in a conversation he had with the Aeroflot company's General Director, the latter said that we will organise the tournament again next year.".

If these hopes are realised, the event will return to its habitual time of February (this year it was moved to the end of March). Bakh said this will suit those who wish also to play in the Moscow Open. 

"Our democratism is such that we will offer air tickets with a corridor - this was done specially a long time ago. It means that if you play in the Aeroflot, you will be able to get a ticket from, say, 10 January to 25 March. You will be able to use it with any time interval. I have long been telling people in Aeroflot that this is what they should do. They did not get the point, so I explained that, if we did not do this, then players from Moscow and St Petersburg would be at a disadvantage compared with foreign players. Because why do Moscow players need a ticket? Tickets are no use to them. But if they can use them within a corridor, then they will be useful." 

Listen to and read the full Russian language interview here.


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