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Wesley So on the incident at the US Championships

The 9th round of the US Championship, which took place yesterday evening, began with a scandal, in which Wesley So, who was previously at the centre of attention, was forfeited for making notes on a separate sheet of paper underneath his scoresheet. The chief arbiter Tony Rich explained what happened.

So's opponent, Varuzhan Akobian, who drew the arbiter's attention to the incident, also added his comments. "I did not think it was any form of cheating on So's part, I didn't know what he was writing. I just told the arbiter that it was a bit unusual. I think the rules should be the same for everyone, even the top players", said Akobian, who added that he was shocked at such an outcome. 

Many people pointed out that So had been warned twice before about this, during the tournament. Another participant, Sam Shankland, also remembered this: "Wesley (my good friend) did the same thing in his game against me in round 2I told him this is against the rules, and he said "Really?". Then I brought the tournament director over, and the latter confirmed what I had said".

Finally, a short comment from the victim himself:

"I have been having trouble concentrating so I wrote a note to myself on a piece of paper (not my score sheet) ...it said: double check triple check use your time. Akobian saw it and complained to the arbiter and a forfeit was declared. I'm sorry I did not know it was against the rules."

However, this explanation was contradicted by Paul Truong, the trainer of Webster University, where So studied from 2012 to 2014:

"I and chief trainer Susan Polgar warned Wesley many times that he should not take notes during the game", Truong was quoted as saying by Chess.com. He also says So's teammates told him the same.

"He always writes notes to himself. We told him this is against FIDE rules... We discussed this issue at least a dozen times. He had a smile and thought nobody's going to complain about it.".

Chess.com also claims that Grandmaster Ray Robson, one of So's teammates, confirmed the same thing.

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