Are Walking & Reading the Secrets of Long Successful Chess Career?

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Pia Cramling's example is a prove that bursting energy and clear memory of youth are not always the decisive trumps in women's chess yet, in spite of all the changes our game has undergone in the 21st century. The Swedish GM, who will celebrate her 52th birthday on April 23rd, has already qualified to the semifinals of the knockout World Women's Championship taking place in Russia.

Photo: Anastasia Karlovich (

On the way, Cramling has defeated such promising players as Valentina Gunina of Russia and Anna Muzychuk of Ukraine. Both are twice younger than her, both have already had many striking world-level successes and have been seen to have much better prospects in the struggle for the world title. Nevertheless, the Swedish player, whose classical rating is now 2495 (but used to be higher), has knocked them out one-by-one. Right now, Pia is playing the semifinal match with yet another much younger opponent, Natalija Pogonina of Russia.

During the yesterday's official press conference, Cramling has shared her impressions on her victory against A.Muzychuk as well as some general thoughts with the conference chairman, Anastasia Karlovich:

'Sometimes I play well. But for instance I did not play well in China [SportAccord Mind Games in Beijing, December 2014]. You need to have a lot of energy. In China, there is a time difference, and games are very close to each other. There were almost no breaks. For me it is very important to have some breaks to gain energy... It is good to have some ideas what you are going to play.'

'What else do I do apart from chess? I like to walk a lot. And I like to read. I find time for these two things. This is a fantastic and beautiful place [Krasnaya Polyana]. It is very nice to be here'.


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