The Best Supply Of Energy

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

As usual, the city of Zurich is quiet and peaceful.

The calm. In any sense.

Nothing has changed. The trams are still going strictly according to the schedule.

The second day of the Zurich Chess Challenge began with the rapid match between Viktor Korchnoi, who is 83, and Wolfgang Uhlmann (79).

The legendary veterans exchanged the blows. Ulhmann won the first game, but the second one was just one-sided. After the German GM had messed up the opening (which was the King's Indian; no Grunfeld yet!) he never got a chance to equalize anymore: a pawn down, then two pawns down, then, in addition, an exchange down... When the game was over, Korchnoi had about 25 minites on his clock, Uhlmann had about 30 minites. The time control is 25 minites/game plus 10 seconds per move.

Two conclusive games will be played today beginning at 10:00 GMT.

Petra Korchnoi to her husband: 'You both were playing too fast!'

* * *

Vladimir Kramnik on his way to the second round, it's five minites before the start. The director of the Zurich Chess Club, Christian Issler, is in front of him, Nakamura's stepfather is going at Vlad's right hand, while Ljubomir Ljubojevic can be seen on the rear left.

Oleg Skvortsov is cheering him up before the start. But Kramnik's best supply of energy arrived a minite later.

I think this set of food and non-food items can tell a lot about its owner and the tournament on the whole.

Probably most of you have made the right guess about the owner.

The book that Natalia Skvortsova is holding has been given as a present to the main sponsor of the Zurich Chess Challenge by the editor-in-chief of New In Chess magazine, Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam. It contains the reproductions of the pictures exhibited at the Rijksmuzeum in Amsterdam. The exhibition has opened just a while ago.

And this is Nigel Short. He is waiting for something...

Waiting to begin the attack!

* * *

Right after Anand's convincing win over Aronian, he was surrounded by his Indian fans. Vishy was obviously pleased.

Usually it's, on the contrary, Aronian's fans who can be seen in many places all over the world whenever their hero is playing. This is also true for Zurich - I think our followers could remember that had been mentioned in my reports from the previous editions. However, this time India has surpassed Armenia in the number of 'unexpected guests'.

Am I in Zurich or in Chennai? I was a bit confused.

Only one camera is watching Kramnik and Nakamura, who drew their game in exactly 40 moves. No one is holding the camera.

Caruana and Karjakin are still being absorbed by the game. Vladimir Chuchelov is also serious, probably a bit dissatisfied by his protege's current performance. Only Sergey's wife, Galiya, is shining, as usual.

This is Vladimir, one of the most active commentators of the Russian version of our website, who came to Zurich as a spectator for a couple of days.
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