Hou Yifan: 'Probably I Won't Play in Sochi'

Время публикации: 04.02.2015 19:35 | Последнее обновление: 04.02.2015 19:38

The World Women's Champion Hou Yifan has surprised the interviewer Stuart Conquest as well as the audience during her masterclass in Gibraltar by saying that she isn't going to play in the FIDE World Women's Championship. Let us remind you that the championship will be held according to the knock-out system in the Russian city of Sochi from March 16th to April 7th.


Hou Yifan explained that she had already agreed to play in a tournament in Hawaii (featuring also Sam Shankland and Timur Gareev) and there would be a clash with the championship in Sochi. The Hawaii competition was announced much earlier than the FIDE knock-out which had been initially scheduled for October 2014 but then postponed.

'If it would've been held when it was supposed to be held, do you think you would've taken part?'
'No, actually that time I was playing in Corsica', Hou Yifan smiled.
'And if they would've held it during Gibraltar, would you have chosen Gibraltar?', Conquest asked.
'Yes!', was the confident answer.

'Generally speaking, I don't think I will continue to play the World Championship if the knock-out system is used', she said. 'The system is different from the men's. If it were the same that would be much better'.

The World Women's championship is held every year: the match in odd years and the knock-out in even years. In 2014, however, there was no knock-out as no one wished to host it.


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