New Grand Prix Series To Be Organised. FIDE Left Aside

Время публикации: 03.02.2015 22:03 | Последнее обновление: 04.02.2015 00:28

There is every reason to suppose that another Grand Prix Series will be launched this year, possibly under the title of Golden League. The information started circulating just recently and has been confirmed today by Malcolm Pein, the director of London Chess Classic.

The Series will gather three of already existing competitions - Stavanger (Norway Chess), St. Louis (Sinquefield Cup) and London (London Chess Classic), yet another tournament in Jakarta (Indonesia) is planned to be added to the bucket. The formats of the competitions will be unified: ten participants will compete in a round-robin. According to the plan, those should be top nine GMs according to the rating list and one nominee from the host country.

The high prize fund assures participation of all leading players. Nonetheless, as we found out, the official announcement about the Series will only be made after contracts will be signed with all participants.

The idea has nothing to do with FIDE. An article by Even Emberland at Norwegian portal states the Series will be organised by Garry Kasparov; our own sources confirm that.    


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