Near Erasmus Bridge

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(Translated from Russian by Andrey Deviatkin)

The fifth round was held in Rotterdam. Most of the players and other involved persons went there by bus provided by the organizers.

Meals for the passengers.

Inside the bus.

Baadur Jobava flirting with Hou Yifan.

Rotterdam met us with rainy weather.

The city center. Tramway goes right across the lawns.

We have reached our destination, the skyscraper called De Rotterdam. Inside, there is a hotel and whatever you want.

The champion has arrived by his own, as well as all the Norwegians including the media.

It sometimes happens that high officials are late. The Mayor of Rotterdam, however, came on time - at 13:00 as expected.

Ahmed Aboutaleb is the first Muslim mayor of a Western European city, who has been declared the person of the year 2014 by the Dutch newspaper Elsevier. In January 2015, after the Charlie Hebdo tragedy, he attracted the media attention by his strong statement addressed to Islamic extremists living in the West:

'If you don’t like this freedom... If you don't like it here because you don’t like the humorists who make a little newspaper – if I may dare say so – just f*** off'.

Aboutaleb described Rotterdam in details: he told the audience that the city, with its high percentage of modern buildings, is unusual for the Netherlands.

We are on the 6th floor. The first thing which stroke my eyes was a bridge in the window. The Erasmus Bridge.

Or maybe the bridge wasn't in fact the first thing to attract my attention.

The audience is being greeted by the festival director Jeroen van den Berg.

The hall was full.

Nouchka Fontijn, a world-class female boxer, is striking the gong. To be honest, I was afraid if the gong would survive that. 

Because she is the incumbent European female champion in boxing.

Jobava could enjoy a nice view into the window. Wasn't it the reason that the principled fight ended in a blunder by him?

Ivanchuk was the first one to finish his game.


The next was Giri who has made use of Jobava's blunder and joined Yasser Seirawan in his commentary.

Jobava also came to listen.

After some time, Carlsen and Aronian appeared out of the playing hall.

To rush away after a painful loss, ignoring everything and everyone? Many people can do this, but Aronian can't.

Moreover, he can even give an interview after a bad game (those of you who understand Russian might listen to it).

'It was clearly not Aronian's day...'

Radoslaw Wojtaszek, who has just beaten Caruana, is discussing the game with Jobava and Seirawan while waiting for the bus back to Wijk aan Zee.

Van den Berg with some boxes for the players who haven't left yet. What's inside?

Energy! So, please don't worry: the players won't be tired after a long journey. Let's hope that the next round will be as fighting as this one.


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