"Matter Of Indifference"

Время публикации: 20.12.2014 22:59 | Последнее обновление: 25.12.2014 01:27

David Navara won the European blitz championship

This year, Wroclaw was the place to determine the European blitz champion. 616 chess players participated in the Swiss-system tournament of 11 double rounds – in each, the opponents played two games with white and black pieces.

The Czech No. 1, GM David Navara, seized the sole lead after round 6 and kept it confidently till the finish, getting 19 points out of 22 in the end. The following players (starting from place 2 to place 7) scored 2 points less: Jan-Krzysztof Duda (Poland), Ivan Salgado Lopez (Spain), Boris Savchenko, Evgeny Alekseev (both from Russia), David Guijarro Anton (Spain) and Zahar Efimenko (Ukraine).
Final Standings

The hero of the day shared his emotions with our site:

"I was really lucky! The curious thing is that I might have not come as I had been ill at the beginning of the week. But I managed to recover pretty quickly. Blitz is obviously not a serious thing, some games looked a bit odd. On the other hand, I managed to play some really good games. For example, my match against Polish grandmaster Bartosz Socko, my teammate from the Katowice club, went very well…”


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