"Karpov Lost, Kasparov Lost, the Only One Who Remained Is Me"

Время публикации: 18.12.2014 22:57 | Последнее обновление: 25.12.2014 01:12

Silvio Danailov thinks that if Russia changes he might become FIDE President

Last Saturday Silvio Danailov won a new term as head of the Bulgarian Chess Federation which was followed by an interview in the Bulgarian newspaper “Standard”.

Danailov calls the current 2014 a difficult year but is optimistic about the forthcoming 2015. Now, having left the ECU President position he wants to devote more energy and time to Bulgarian chess.

However, Danailov thinks that he can try to become FIDE President in 2018, but if this political configuration with Vladimir Putin remains, he has little or nearly no chance, because his opponents have huge resources. “For them, to invest 20-30 million dollars for elections is nothing. Even the President of the Russian Chess Federation Dvorkovich, who is Deputy Prime Minister of Russia, was substituted, because they suspected that he may be a fan of Kasparov. And he was replaced with the multi billionaire Andrey Filatov, who according to “Forbes” has 2.5 billion dollars. Their task was to totally control Europe and I was uncomfortable for them. I was the opposition. If this centralized power Putin-Ilymzhinov-Filatov remains nobody has a chance to fight their money successfully. Now I'm vividly observing what's going on in the world economy. If the oil price remains lower than 60 dollars, I think Putin's power will not last long. The Russian economy will collapse and he will be overturned by his own people in the country. If Russia is not the country that it is now, then I really will have a chance. Karpov lost, Kasparov lost, the only one who remained it’s me. But I say again – against the Russian government I can’t fight”

In a recent comment for our site Danailov said that he is still a hindrance for FIDE management. "They can’t frighten me or pay me a rich bribe but I do know a lot about their dirty policy. They brought to heel all the chess world except me and Kasparov. Even Carlsen is under their control… "

Apart from this, Danailov is still Veselin Topalov’s manager, but, according to Silvio, Topalov lacks motivation and this is an objective process. However, Danailov thinks that Topalov's motivation can be increased if he considers an idea of crowning his chess career with qualifying for the world championship match vs Magnus Carlsen.


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