Garry Kasparov: "Results of Election Would Be Different If It Was Held Today"

Время публикации: 16.12.2014 15:28 | Последнее обновление: 29.12.2014 10:27

Last Monday Garry Kasparov met again with Savik Shuster in "Shuster Live" broadcasted by the Ukrainian channel "24", having now chosen face to face format.

Shuster and Kasparov spoke about Ukraine, Russia, about the Russian opposition. But at some moment they started to speak about chess related to politics.

* * *

G.KASPAROV: It wasn't the struggle between me and Ilyumzhinov - he was present there nominally. In fact, there was a fight between my team and all the Russian embassies all over the world. The embassies actively supported Ilyumzhinov in each country as Kirsan was welcomed by Putin. Just give it a glance: Putin has met Ilyumzhinov twice during the last six months and has shown up twice at chess tournaments as well; he has attended the children's tournament in Sochi and visited the World Championship match. Could you name another sports federation that the Russian President payed so much attention to within the latest six months?

As for corruption charges that our opponents made I would like to tell you the following. The election campaign was backed up by finance from the American Kasparov Chess Foundation and other resources - all based in USA. If something were wrong we would have problems with the American tax services. But we have no problems because all our actions were in line with American laws. So all the stories about it... you know, it's funny to hear such accusations from a person who is absolutely corrupted and whose name has become a synonym of the word corruption in Russia as well as in international chess.

S.SHUSTER: I just can't figure out: why should Putin be afraid of you becoming FIDE President?

G.KASPAROV: I think there are two reasons for that. One of them is some morbid fear that his opponent might have leverages over the situation. He is afraid that after I become FIDE President I will start to use this organization in order to fight Putin's regime, although I repeatedly insisted on the fact that FIDE Presidency for me is the tool to realize chess programs that will help to put chess in the education system worldwide. I felt and even knew how much money from sponsors I can raise for that. Many big corporations are looking for opportunities to invest in intellectual games. But the whole campaign was strictly political: I proposed concrete things, I suggested that the federations should stop paying money to FIDE. If this is a sort of a bribery, please correct me. Ilyumzhinov proposed really nothing. He had told the same things four and eight years ago, the same promises. That was a clownery. But it was backed up by the Russian embassies and the power of the whole country. Many thought that something positive was going to happen after Putin met with Ilyumzhinov.

The results of the election would be different in case if the election were held today. But it was done in August and its format was decided in May and June. When many Federations made decisions at that time Putin's authority was absolutely indisputable in the world and in their own eyes. In many countries I had clear ideas and positive changes to offer to the chess world, but the federations claimed that the Russian ambassadors came up with concrete proposals or even threats. That's why it was impossible to win.


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